Standard   Testing   and   Engineering   Company   (Standard   Testing)   was   founded   in   Oklahoma   City   in   1951   as   a   Professional   Engineering   Firm   specializing   in   Geotechnical   and Construction   Materials   Testing.      Standard   Testing   is   an   Oklahoma   Corporation   and   is   classified   as   a   Veteran-Owned   Small   Business.      Standard   Testing   employs   approximately 40 highly-trained and experienced people, most with college-level and/or specialized technical training at our laboratory facilities in Oklahoma City, Enid, and Lawton. Our   Core   staff   members   have   significant   personal   and   professional   history   in   the   State   of   Oklahoma   and   have   developed   working   relationships   with   local,   state,   and   federal agencies, local design engineers, and other members of the local construction industry.


Standard Testing offers many services, including but not limited to the following: Geotechnical Engineering Site    Subsurface    Investigations,    Foundation    Engineering,    Soil    Stabilization    and    Improvement    Studies,    Pavement    Evaluation    and    Design,    Monitoring    Well    and    Piezometer Installation, Complete Geotechnical Laboratory. Construction Materials Testing and Engineering Soils   Testing,   Earthwork   Inspection,   Asphalt/Concrete   Mix   Designs,   Paving   Designs,   Plant/Field   Quality   Control,   Aggregate   Testing   and   Evaluation,   Masonry   Unit   Testing,   Mortar Testing/Evaluation,   Failure   Investigations,   Nondestructive   Testing.      Construction   inspection   of   earthwork,   foundations,   concrete   masonry,   structural   steel,   fire-proofing,   and exterior finish and installation systems. Drilling Services We   own   and   operate   our   own   fleet   of   two   (2)   CME55   truck-mounted   and   one   (1)   CME55   all-wheel   drive   carrier   specialized   drilling   rigs   for   Geotechnical   Soil   and   Rock Characterization.      We   also   own   and   operate   field   exploration   equipment   which   includes   electronic   piezocone   and   pressure   meter   in   addition   to   hollow   stem   auger,   wet   rotary, and rock coring equipment. Quality Assurance for Steel and Concrete Components Structural   Steel   Inspection,   Prestressed   Concrete   Inspection,   Welder/Weld   Procedure   Qualifications,   Weld   Inspection,   Nondestructive   Testing;   Ultrasonic,   Dye   Penetrant,   Wet/Dry Magnetic Particle, Failure Analysis and Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing. Pavement Investigation Establishing   soil   properties   and   characteristics   to   be   used   in   pavement   design.   In   particular,   determination   of   soil   strength,   applicable   modulus   and   matrix   stability   descriptive   of a   pavement   project,   a   portion   of   a   project,   or   materials   respectively,   will   be   the   result   of   the   analysis.   and   determining   the   influencing   site   characteristics   that   might   require modifications to the pavement structure or adjacent works to accommodate those characteristics.
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